1. Overview of Ly Son Island

Two islands make up the archipelago of Ly Son: Be island (Cu Lao An Binh), and Lon island (Cu Lao Re). Situated approximately fifteen nautical miles off the coast, this archipelago is part of the Quang Ngai province. Because of its reputation for garlic delicacies, Ly Son is referred to as the “garlic kingdom”.

Ly Son is a place of untamed and spectacular beauty, including azure beaches, beautiful white sand, and majestic volcanoes. This location is renowned for having a rich and varied marine habitat, which makes it a top choice for those who enjoy diving to view coral.

  • Area: 10,39 square km
  • Province: Quang Ngai Province¬†
  • Region: Central of Vietnam
  • Best time to visit: Dry Season (March – August); Rainy Season (September – February)
  • Destinations:¬†Thoi Loi Mountain & Cau Cave, Garlic fields, Be Island (An Binh Island), Fishing ports, etc.

2. Destinations in Ly Son Island

  • Thoi Loi Mountain & Cau Cave

Located in the east of Ly Son island, is the highest extinct volcano on the island with a height of 149m. This place has a basin-shaped volcanic crater, inside is a clear blue freshwater lake. Visitors can conquer the mountain top by foot or motorbike to enjoy a panoramic view of Ly Son and the vast sea.
At the foot of Thoi Loi mountain, Hang Cau was formed by the erosion of ocean waves over millions of years with many stalactites and unique shapes. This is the ideal place for those who love to explore wild nature.
Cau Cave - One of the most famous destinations in Ly Son

Cau Cave

Roat to the top of Thoi Loi mountain

  • Garlic Fields

One of Quang Ngai province’s well-known specialties is Ly Son garlic, also referred to as the “treasure” of Ly Son island. Ly Son garlic fields, which stretches the entire length of the island, like a vibrant image when they are green during the growing season and golden after the harvest.

For the locals, garlic crops are the primary source of income. Let’s enjoy and feel the quintessential flavors of Vietnam’s seas and islands through this unique specialty.

Garlic Kingdom of Vietnam

Garden fields from above

  • Be Island (An Binh Island)

Located about 15 minutes by boat from Ly Son Island, Be Island is a pristine island with fine white sand, blue sea water and colorful coral reefs. Here, visitors can participate in activities such as scuba diving to see coral, fishing, and kayaking to explore the beauty of the ocean floor.
This place is an ideal destination for those who want to seek relaxation, immerse themselves in nature and experience the simple life of local people.

White sand beaches in Be Island (An Binh Island)

An Binh Island

Special volcanic geology on Be island

  • Ly Son fishing port

Ly Son fishing port is not only an anchorage for fishing ships, but also a tourist destination that attracts tourists because of the idyllic beauty of the coastal fishing village, with colorful fishing boats and fishermen. are busy with their work.
Visitors can stroll along the embankment, admire the bustling scenery of the port and enjoy the fresh air of the sea. Come to Ly Son fishing port to experience and feel the life of local fishermen.
Vibrant fishing ports in Ly Son Island

Vibrant fishing ports in the early morning

Fishermen in the Ly Son Fishing Port

Ly Son Fishermen

3. Best time to visit Ly Son Island

The island’s climate is divided into two distinct seasons. The dry season starts from March to August, and the rainy season lasts from September to February of the following year. Specifically:

  • March – August (Dry season): This is considered the most ideal time to explore this beautiful island. At this time the weather is mild, little rain, calm sea, suitable for most sightseeing activities
  • September – February (Rainy season): This time there are often sudden rains and occasional storms. However, this is also the time to travel to Ly Son with the most economical costs. Tourists need to check the weather before the trip to get the best preparation

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