1. Overview of Hoi An 

Formed in the mid-15th century, with about 500 years of formation and development. Hoi An is famous as one of the ancient cities containing many long-standing cultural and historical values of Vietnam. Besides, this city was also recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity in 1999, and attracts a large number of tourists every year.
Coming to this city, visitors will have the opportunity to admire rows of ancient houses with unique architecture, experience many traditional cultural features, in addition to enjoying rich and diverse cuisine.
  • Area: 61,48 square km
  • Province: Quang Nam Province
  • Region: Central of Vietnam
  • Heritage type: UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage (1999)
  • Best time to visit: Jan – March
  • Things to do: Explore Ancient Architectural Works, Take photo with lanterns, Join Cooking Class, Experience basket boat trip in Bay Mau Coconut, Enjoy Memories Show, etc.

2. Best things to do in Hoi An

  • Explore ancient architectural works

Hoi An is famous not only for its unique rows of ancient yellow houses, but also for its many ancient architectural works that have existed over time, especially assembly halls and temples.
Some famous architectural works that can be mentioned include: Phung Hung/ Tan Ky Ancient house, Phuc Kien/ Trieu Chau/ Quang Dong Assembly Hall, Japanese Covered Bridge, etc.
Hoi An Ancient Town - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hoi An Ancient Town

Japanese Covered Bridge

  • Take photos with colorful lanterns

Hoi An’s iconic lanterns are instantly recognizable, gracing the ancient streets with their vibrant colors. These twinkling lights create a romantic atmosphere that has captivated visitors.
The art of making lanterns in Hoi An boasts a rich history dating back over 400 years. Initially used during local festivals, these lanterns have gradually evolved into a signature handicraft of Hoi An, capturing the hearts of tourists worldwide.
Hoi An Colorful Lanterns

Colorful Lanterns

  • Join Hoi An Cooking Class

Steeped in history, Hoi An boasts a unique and refined cuisine. By joining Cooking Class, you’ll unlock the culinary essence of this heritage city and embark on a truly special cultural encounter.
Beyond learning to cook traditional dishes, the class delves deeper into the heart of Hoi An’s culture and people. Guided by a dedicated local chef, you’ll gain insights into the origins and significance of each dish, along with the fascinating stories behind each ingredient.
Cooking Class in Hoi An

Cooking Class

  • Experience basket boat and explore Bay Mau coconut forest

Just a short distance of 5 kilometers from the heart of Hoi An’s ancient town lies Bay Mau coconut forest, an emerging destination captivating visitors with its untamed beauty and unique experiences. The most popular activity here is the basket boat cruise. Climb aboard a charming, hand-woven vessel and weave through narrow canals, soaking in the breathtaking natural landscape and inhaling the fresh air.

Visitors experience basket boat tour in Hoi An

Basket Boat Experience

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

  • Enjoy the Memories Show

Immerse yourself in history at Hoi An Memories Show, a spectacular live performance held at Hoi An Impression Park. This captivating show uses modern theater techniques and over 500 actors to recreate Hoi An’s journey through time, from its prehistoric roots to the vibrant present. Witness the city’s rich culture unfold and feel the warmth of its friendly people as you travel back in time and experience the captivating story of this ancient city
Memory Show in Hoi An

The Memories Show

  • Enjoy beach vacation

Hoi An is not only famous for its shimmering and magical old town but also for its enchanting beaches, giving visitors a wonderful vacation experience such as walking on the sand, swimming, and participating in yoga classes. , or enjoy fresh seafood at coastal restaurants.
Most famous beaches: Cua Dai, An Bang, Ha My
Hoi An Paradise Beaches

Cua Dai Beach

Hoi An Beach Vacation

3. Best time to visit Hoi An

Hoi An has 2 main seasons: Dry season (January – July); rainy season (August – December)
  • January – March: This is considered the ideal time to explore the city due to the cool weather, temperatures fluctuating between 18 – 23 degrees Celsius, suitable for most tourist activities.
  • April – June: This time the temperature increases, but not too harsh. The temperature fluctuates from 26 – 31 degrees Celsius. This is considered as the peak tourist season
  • July – September: The rainy season begins, with sudden rains. You need to check the weather before the trip to get the best preparation
  • October – December: Peak rainy season, and is occasionally affected by storms. This is also the low tourist season. With lower costs and fewer crowds